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GS is looking for sales and cooperation partners

in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
You have experience in the distribution of efficient automation solutions, from the individual cell to the complete production line, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

New premises in 2016

Eventful months lie behind us, and they were worth it. The team of GS is happy to welcome you to new premises offering more space for growth. Moving our company was worth the effort. We can now adjust to your requests even better and work more efficiently.

Opening the training and competence center for robotics and automation

We are pleased that our training and competence center for robotics and automation has finally opened this year. Here we do not only develop new and advanced automation systems, but also provide our staff with new know-how. This way, we can plan highly innovative automation solutions for our customers.

Opening the training and competence center has been the next logical step in taking quality and customer value to the next level. We will be able to present you with premium automation solutions to increase productivity with your business.

We also use the center to prepare our complex automation solutions approaching industry 4.0 and busy ourselves with the concept of co-working robots, a means of collaboration between man and machine.

Taking over HUW in 2015

We are making good progress. Taking over HUW Robotersysteme complements our complex automation solutions with palletizing and handling systems. Please contact us for further information.